Lymphatic Drainage

Lymphatic drainage is done by incision, and helps with recovery after cosmetic surgery, relieves swelling and inflammation by draining fluid post surgery. Those needing a specialized manual lymphatic drainage massage in Marietta, GA know that Eye Kandy Lashes Beauty Bar & Boutique is the reputable source to trust. Swollen glands can lead to all types of malfunctioning concerns, including hindered mobility, loss of balance, and inflammation. Our experts have the skillset needed to reverse these harmful situations.

Lymph nodes are some of the most important vessels in the body. They are the transportation system for cell waste, protein, fluids, viruses, and bacteria. The lymph nodes cleanse and filter unwanted products from your body and if they slow down, the results can be painful and can cause long-lasting harm. Lymphatic drainage can cause lymph flow improvement in your body.

Lymph nodes are all about body detoxification, which is essential to keeping you healthy. A lymphatic drainage can re-energize you and clear sluggish body parts of waste and swelling. A lymph system that is working too slowly will cause swelling and fatigue. Most lymph nodes lie just below the skin and offer supplementary blood circulation to your body; if they slow down, so does everything else.

After an injury or surgery, your lymph nodes can become overwhelmed and various parts of your body may swell. Lymphatic drainage massage therapy is the best way to reduce the swelling and return lymph function to normal. Lymphatic massage can also be effective on conditions such as edema and arthritis. Drain your body of fluids before it drains you of energy with a lymphatic drainage procedure at Eye Kandy Lashes Beauty Bar & Boutique.

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